The Institute boasts a diverse Membership profile that sets the foundation of an international community rich in knowledge and expertise.

The Institute recognises that through its Membership, it is placed in a unique position to most effectively support and facilitate the deployment of commercial-scale CCS projects.

Members are presented a valuable opportunity to be an integral part of a collaborative, informed and influential international community at the forefront of CCS advocacy, policy development and knowledge sharing.

Members of the Global CCS Institute have the opportunity to:

  • shape the strategic direction of the Institute;
  • share and receive knowledge, information and expertise on:
    • the development and deployment of safe, economic and environmentally sustainable commercial-scale CCS projects;
    • technologies that will capture, transport and store emissions, and provide expert insight on the costs and benefits of carbon solutions, and the operational and legislative requirements needed to achieve success; and
    • methods to build confidence in CCS and help drive the international momentum needed to provide a solution to the urgent problem of climate change.
  • propose, and vote on, amendments to the Constitution;
  • approve appointments to the Board of Directors and to the International Advisory Panel; and
  • nominate and vote on appointments to the Board Selection Panel.

A diverse Membership base

The Institute launched with strong and widespread support from governments, corporations, industry bodies and research organisations from key markets around the globe, and has built a diversified Membership profile that represents a healthy cross-section of these international stakeholders.

The diversity in Member profiles ensures the Institute’s endeavours and services provided reflect the varied and evolving nature of the challenges faced by the industry.

Members are governments and organisations that support and demonstrate a legitimate interest in the Institute’s commitment to accelerating the commercial deployment of CCS.