Global CCS Institute Members’ Meeting - Kyoto

Sunday, 10 October 2010 - 11:00am to Tuesday, 12 October 2010 - 11:00am
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The Global CCS Institute will hold its fourth Members’ Meeting in Kyoto, Japan on 11-12 October 2010. As always, the meeting promises to be particularly valuable to Members, bringing together representatives from Japan, Korea and other areas of Asia and Australasia, from North America and also from Europe, to discuss the Institute’s recent achievements and to set its direction for future success. In line with the meeting theme, building project capability through knowledge sharing, the meeting will showcase a series of projects from across the globe. Sharing expertise and inviting discussion, presenters and Members are invited to join the Institute and share ideas through presentations, open forum panel sessions and breakout workshops. Topics to be discussed at the Kyoto meeting include:

  • FEED studies in the USA;
  • hub models in Europe;
  • innovative regulatory models and their practical application;
  • retrofitting CCS technologies in the USA; and
  • commercial modelling in Australia.

In the lead-up to the Kyoto meeting, we invite you to join an online group and participate in a discussion to make the Day 1 breakout themes more inclusive, more informative and more relevant to your organisation’s interests and needs. Day 1 breakouts will be run on:

  1. FEED studies in the USA presented by Tenaska New Technologies LLC
  2. Hub models in Europe presented by the Rotterdam Climate Initiative
  3. Innovative regulatory models and their practical application presented by the Government of Scottish

To ensure that we explore a broad range of different perspectives, the themes discussed during the breakout sessions will feed into a panel-led discussion. Member participation is strongly encouraged, so please follow the above links and explore the online groups around these topics before the event. Extending the topics and industry experiences being shared, Day 2 will explore the additional themes of:

  1. Retrofitting CCS technologies in the USA by Tenaska New Technologies LLC; and 
  2. Commercial modelling in Australia presented by CarbonNet.

Again, Kyoto looks to be a highly productive and informative Member event, so please, explore these groups and share a comment or two before the event to maximise the benefits of participation.