openCCS project handbook

Capturing and sharing lessons learned is absolutely critical to accelerating the deployment of carbon capture and storage (CCS).   One challenge is that while many reports are being shared from CCS projects, a broader framework for organising content across a CCS project delivery program is problematic. General project management frameworks are not specific to CCS and therefore lack practical examples that projects can apply; specific CCS project management methodologies are the propriety assets of project operators, resulting in a lack of flexibility in leveraging the collective knowledge of a global set of CCS practitioners. All of these methodologies use inconsistent language and definitions, particularly when comparing projects at a global level. This impedes the knowledge sharing process significantly.

As opposed to trying to create a single, proprietary methodology that provides the solution approach for a specific organisation, openCCS is made freely available and is improved by a global set of CCS practitioners. This knowledge is structured through a model that reflects the lifecycle of a CCS project, covering the complete set of activities from project definition to closure across capture, transport and storage.  The content covering the complete set of activities across a CCS project has been completed and it is linked in to hundreds of publically available CCS assets in three publications.

This approach helps to provide a “global glue” to bring together other knowledge sharing initiatives around the world. The goal is that with the help of the global CCS community, openCCS will continue to improve over time and become a useful handbook for any CCS project.