Cancun Blog Series: Series Kickoff

Organisation: Global CCS Institute

Welcome to the Cancun blog series!

Over the coming weeks, we will be running a series of blogs where Institute staff and members of the broader CCS community will collaborate to write about what they see going forward from COP16 (Cancun), the potential process for operationalising CCS under the CDM, what developing countries might get involved in this, as well as other topics of interest.

Internal bloggers will include Institute staff that attended Cancun – myself, Nick Welch and Alicia Kersting from the U.S. office and Mark Bonner who leads the Institute’s climate change initiatives. External blogs will feature the Clinton Climate Initiative, Alberta’s Environment Department, Bellona Foundation, Climate Group, and a number of government, private and research organisations from developing countries such as Malaysia, Mexico and South Africa.

We hope you will contribute your own thoughts as blogs are posted.

Happy reading!