Applying for membership

Eligibility Criteria

Membership is available to governments, corporations and organisations who can demonstrate a legitimate interest in the advancement of CCS, where they:

  • have demonstrated that they will make a material contribution to the fulfilment of the objectives of the Institute, or are likely to make such a contribution; and
  • carry on a business or activity where the advancement of CCS is not merely incidental to its core business or activities.

Membership Information and Enquiries

In July 2017, following an extensive period of consultation with Members, the Global CCS Institute released its new Five-Year Strategic Plan: Accelerating the deployment and commercial viability of CCS 2017-2022. This Plan provides the foundation for the Institute’s future direction and influences the way we work with Members, the activities we will look to undertake and how we will act whilst delivering them.

Download our Membership Overview

If you have any questions regarding membership of the Global CCS Institute, or would like to become a Member, please contact


Application Process

As per the Institute’s Constitution, applications for Membership are assessed by the Institute’s International Board of Directors.

The full statement of membership criteria and the assessment process is detailed within: 
The Global CCS Institute’s Constitution.